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This week's podcast with certified clinical nutritionist Beverly Meyer covered a lot of ground, including the interplay of Vitamins A, D, and K in a host of health issues. We also talked about the forgotten neurotransmitter, GABA, and it's role in depression, gut health, and autoimmunity.


Guest: Beverly Myer

Beverly Meyer, CCN
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Podcast: Primal Diet - Modern Health
DVD: The Diet For Human Beings.

Beverly Meyer is a Natural Health patient, practitioner and podcaster. She is the host of "Primal Diet - Modern Health" podcast on Alternative Health and the Paleo Diet, available on iTunes or her website. The show reflects her 30 year’s experience as a naturopathic practitioner and Primal/Paleo Food lover.
Her DVD, "The Diet For Human Beings", teaches the how’s and why’s of the Paleo Diet, and is ideal for sharing with friends and family.  Her motto is FOOD FIRST, and new clients catch an ear-full on why changing their food is the fastest way to start to restore health and body composition.
After a successful but exhausting career in business, Beverly began practicing as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist in 1985.  Her personal goal was to restore her immune system, adrenals and celiac-damaged gut.
Her blog, newsletter, Twitter and Facebook pages offer up-to-date info on running your own lab work, creating a personalized Gluten Free Paleo diet, and restoring hormones and the immune system.
She holds an MBA in Finance, and has been written about in Glamour, Venture, Entrepreneur and Inc. She was honored for her Small Business by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce in the 1980's.

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This week on the podcast we have the incredibly interesting Mark Schatzker, author of Steak, and The Dorito Effect. We talk about the hyperpalatability of foods, neuroregulation of appetite, and how food engineering and flavoring has changed what we eat and how it all affects us.

Featuring guest: Mark Schatzker

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This week on the podcast we have Steph Gaudreau, popular food blogger of Stupid Easy Paleo, nutritionist, and coach. She joins us to talk about her history, nutrition, and proper nutrition with training.

Featuring guest: Steph Gaudreau

Food Website:

Women's Strength Summit (goes live on Feb. 14th)

Coaching site:

Books: The Paleo Athlete, The Performance Paleo Cookbook, and How To Make Kombucha

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