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Episode 276 of The Paleo Solution Podcast with Robb Wolf.

Featuring guest: Katy Bowman

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[8:23] Best footwear for hard surfaces
Artur says:
I just heard Ben Greenfield mentioning on other podcast standing matt called Kybounder, which was developed to strengthen feet muscles. The same company also sells shoes and they provide proper cushioning while our feet can feel the surface. Any thoughts on that product? Alternatives?

[12:35] Recurring Lumbar Herniated Discs
Joe says:
I have problems with recurring lumbar herniated discs....what movement should I be working on to improve this?  Is there a simple answer or does it require an in person assessment?

[18:26] Impact on biomechanics from wearing backpack
Erik says:

First off, I enjoy and learn a lot from the show, keep up the good work!

It would be great if you could discuss the impact on biomechanics and possible negative (and positive) consequences of moving a lot with a backpack - possibly touch on differences in wearing and not wearing a hip strap to take the load off the shoulders, in the context of wearing low profile zero-drop shoes.

I find that I end up doing most of my walking with a backpack, be that with laptop and books on the way to class, carrying equipment on the way to work, carrying home groceries and on weekends and holidays hiking with tent and food. Pack might weigh anything between 5 and 20 kilos, might end up walking with it 5 to 15 kilometers a day, sometimes jogging a fair bit of the distance if speed is needed.

Thanks again!
Erik from Denmark

[29:30] Squatting
Alice says:
I'm incredibly envious of my flat footed, squatting Sister in Law! She has Chinese heritage and this position is her preferred resting pose. I however try and squat for about 15 mins everyday and wonder how long it will take to coax my heels to the floor. Are there extra stretches I can do to minimize the time I spend on the balls of my feet. I am so thankful for everything you do, thank you Katy.

[39:12] Pressure Systems and Lymphatic Flow
Cindy says:
If this is two questions, please choose one, but I think they are related:
Please elaborate on pressure systems within the body and how they are changed/improved by movement, and how these changes in pressure can improve lymphatic flow throughout the body.

[48:10] Squat mechanics
Joseph says:
I can squat with parallel feet just fine (which I do at the recommendation of the lovely Mr Starrett). Adding weight, I end up on the outside edges of my feet; my toes really want to be pointed out. Should I squat with pointed toes, or will that exacerbate my lack of mobility?

[56:40] Mechanotransduction
Raphael says:
Hi Robb/Katy,

Please expand upon mechanotransduction and specifically about how it relates to health issues which may not necessarily be associated with 'movement issues/injuries'. For example, how would inappropriate tissue compression or sedentarism induce changes in a cell which could be characterized as a diseased phenotype?

Robb & Katy are awesome - rock on!

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