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Finally Matt Lalonde joins us for what will probably be the first of many visits.  Enjoy!!!

Show Topics:

  1. Re-address Blog Comment from Jon from Podcast 57
  2. Insulin Resistance / Cod Liver Oil / PWO Carbohydrate
  3. Hashimoto's Disease
  4. Best Diet to Gain Mass
  5. Matt's Daily Food Intake

Detailed Questions:

1. Re-address Blog Comment from Jon from Podcast 57:

I think a discussion on what the re-introduction of foods and the subsequent reactions to them means and why would be very interesting as a podcast topic. The paleo concept has expanded a lot from the original ‘cavemen did this so you should to’ logic of guys like cordain (another thing mentioned recently on the show, how robb has become more science orientated because of matt lalonde), but I still think at times robb reverts back to the ‘re- introduce it and see how you feel’ logical fallacy too often, because I bet almost any food completely eliminated for 30 days and then re-introduced would have negative effects and may take a few months to re-sensitive yourself to, so a talk on why this matters (scientifically preferable rather than anecdotally) would be important. It needs to be more than just ‘gluten makes my joints achy’. I’m very surprised that some of your clients eat gluten, robb seems to think 100% of people should avoid it 100% of the time. Another thing is the constant reference to autoimmunity. I get that anecdotally people with these problems see benefits from paleo, but what relevance is this to people without autoimmune conditions? If dairy aggravates autoimmune stuff, what does this mean? Sometimes it seems like robb is implying that because people with (chrohns, rheumatoid arthritis, coeliac, hashimoto etc) get messed up eating a certain food that the food is bad for everyone, but they are a special population, and that’s like comparing the carb needs of a type 2 diabetic to that of an athlete. Again, i recognise this is a problem of the very broad audience of the podcast, but I think some more clarity on the real underlying WHYs need to be answered. For example the ‘these foods have only been around for 10000 years’ line, this is assuming a linear evolution, which many experts suggest is not the case, so maybe Robb could discuss why we did or did not evolve more quickly after the invention of agriculture (

2. Ben Wheeler says:

December 17, 2010 at 2:52 pm


I’ve been looking forward to seeing you on the show for some time now! A few questions from a fellow Canadian:

1. Could you please explain the difference between physiological insulin resistance and pathological insulin resistance. I think this is something that gets very mixed up not only in the mainstream, but in the low-carb/paleo community.

2. Cod Liver Oil- WAPF says yes, Cordain says no, who do the lay people believe? Both have very good researcher on both sides. Could it be the problem lies with Cod Liver Oils that have been striped of natural A & D and replaces with the synthetic variety?

3. PWO carbohydrate- I know you wrote a stellar piece sometime ago on Low-carb and CrossFit. How has your viewpoint evolved from that experiment, and over time?

3. Debbie says: December 17, 2010 at 3:55 pm

I have really been working at being a Paleo health person. My only problem is I have Hashimoto disease. I work out five days a week. I watch what I eat. Perhaps more of a 85% paleo. What can I do to speed things along. I have been doing Paleo since May 2010 I have lost about 15 pounds, very, very slowing. Lots of tweaking with my thyroid meds and I continually tweak my food. Can you give me any suggestions? Thanks in advance – Debbie M.

Diane @ Balanced Bites says: December 17, 2010 at 5:28 pm I’m going to throw my .02 in here before Matt (or Robb) gets to this one… if you’re not 100% gluten free, you need to be- as of yesterday. Seriously. So that 85% paleo… it needs to be 100% gluten free at a minimum! Datis Kharrazian talks a lot about this topic (the gluten-autoimmune thyroid connection) and I’ll be hearing him speak more about it next month here in the Bay Area. I’ll report back if there’s more.

julianne says: December 19, 2010 at 9:07 pm Totally agree with Diane – I have Hashimotos. Get Dr K’s book and read it – it is useful, be super strict gluten free. Go 100% paleo. My anti-bodies are dropping since gluten free. Don’t go too low carb though, I’ve found so keep in a little good fruit like berries and good starches like sweet potato. Do the anti-autoimmune protocol in Robbs book, see if that helps. (Dairy and nightshade free). Make sure your vit D is around 45 – 50. Take omega 3. Be careful with iodine. It can cause a flare up.

4. Ben says:

December 17, 2010 at 5:11 pm

Short and sweet: what type of eating would he recommend to a lean 31 year old, strict paleo for 1.5 years, 164 lbs at 5 ft 11 inches who is looking to get body weight up to aprox 180-190 pounds on Ripp’s Starting Strength program. I am only 1.5 months in and slowly gaining weight, and progressing on Ripp’s linear path, while maintain strict paleo; i only ask if Lalonde thinks there is another way of eating that would be more beneficial given my goals. If not, cool ill keep up strict paleo – it is after all very tasty and effective. I just want to know if he thinks this is the best path. Thanks.
Deas: update yer blg dood.

5. David says:

December 17, 2010 at 5:27 pm

He mentioned in an interview that he only eats two meals a day. I am interested in how he get’s enough calories to support his performance efforts. When does he eat and what does it consist of – both workout days and rest days? Also, if this is an individual thing or if it is something he recommends for everyone?

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