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Back with Episode 66.  I will include the show topics list and detailed questions for each future episode.

Show Topics:

  1. High Work Load
  2. Drop in Triglycerides and Increase in Total Cholesterol and HDL
  3. Endometriosis
  4. Craving Salt
  5. Hershel Walker
  6. Adrenal Fatigue
  7. Other Sources of MCFA
  8. Zero Calorie Energy Drinks
  9. Isometric Exercise
  10. Podcast Slogan
  11. Low Thyroid
  12. Low Energy Levels and Hungry at Night
  13. Leptin Resistance
  14. Look Awesome Naked

Detailed Questions:

1. Question from Diana:

Hi Robb and Andy
I am a 45 year old female personal trainer in Australia who has been Paleo now for about 4 weeks. Previously a vegetarian, I decided to try Paleo because I was run-down, gaining lots of abdominal fat and feeling bloated all the time. I chose to switch to Paleo over the Christmas holidays as I would have a three week break from my work and the associated exercise load from it.
I feel great and am loving it (although I only eat fish and chicken - not sure I could cope with beef after all these years!) Anyway, my question is this:

How do you recommend I sustain my training load from work (6 hours of classes - 3 x 1 hr Spin classes, 2 x 1 hr Bootcamp classes and 1 Body Pump class) without shooting my cortisol sky high and overtraining (which I think was the problem that brought me to Paleo originally.) In addition, to the above training, I also run 5-6 days a week (sorry!)generally in the 8-12km range though previously while training for marathons, much more.
My goal is to maintain Paleo and maintain my teaching/exercise load.
Sleep is good, consistently 7-8 hours a night in pitch black room. Height 5'6'' Wt 140 and dropping
Thanks for your help.

2. Question from Stephan:

Hi Robb and Andy. I've noticed this issue come up several times on your show. Someone starts out with a paleo diet and gets their bloodwork done. The results are often a big drop in triglycerides and an increase in total and LDL.
After first switching to a paleo diet, I had a total cholesterol of 247, triglycerides of 97, HDL of 53, and LDL of 175, in units of mg/dL. A month and a half after that, I had a total cholesterol of 200, triglycerides of 62, HDL of 47, and LDL of 141.
To my knowledge, I did nothing different during that time, except for one thing: I started taking 400 mg of magnesium daily as Mg glycinate. I'm wondering if my situation is not all that uncommon.

3. Question from Jesse:

A friend of mine has been struggling to get pregnant for the past 5 years. Are there any resources or information highlighting the dietary/lifestyle effects of endometriosis?

4. Question from Sally:

Hi Rob and Andy, Your podcast’s not bad!! Yeah, you might have changed my life a bit, but whatever...
Moving on to the important bit – me! I have been overweight my whole life – near enough, apart from the last 5 years where I’ve stuck to around 8st (I’m a 5ft 1, 41 year old female). Up until beginning the paleo way, I kepts weight off using extended cardio, vegetarianism, masses of willpower and a lot of stressing about food. Since adding protein and cutting cardio for weights I have found it so so so much easier to maintain my weight. However, I still crave salt and I eat ENORMOUS amounts of it. I can’t seem to give it up or even really want to give it up. Can you give me some motivational reasons as to why I should get rid of this final unhealthy part of the jigsaw? I’d be grateful for any scare tactics you can come up with.
Thanks a ton – P.S. love your podcast really! Sally in the UK

5. Question from Tiki:

Saw this guy fight on strikeforce over the weekend. He is 48 and from what I've read and heard the announcers mention, he only eats one meal a day , at night, usually soup and salad. Any insight on how someone can do his workout routine and only eat one meal which is mostly vegan and be in the shape he is in at 48 no less? Is it the sprinting? Is it the fasting? Fucken sickass genetics?
Thanks for the amazing show guys. Link

6. Question from Kass:

Hey Robb and Andy!
I'm trying to trouble shoot some possible imbalances I may have with my doc, who happens to think I'm a hypochondriac hippy because my blood work is freaking perfect from eating paleo for
almost 2 years now. Despite my doing everything you say (I'm serious), I still haven't been able to lean out and am narrowing down possible hormonal issues. I just wanted to see if you could shed some light on these tests so that I can get my research on before I see the doc.
1. Is it possible to still have Adrenal Fatigue after adopting a Paleo lifestyle, sleeping very well, and training smart for two years? (sidenote: training smart means strength bias, not working out when I'm tired, and generally not being an idiot).
2. For the cortisol test, do you like the results from the blood test or the urine test better? 3. Are there any other tests/conditions that I should study up on? Thanks for the guidance

7. Question from Mrs. F

Hello Robb and Andy,
I understand that coconut oil is a great way to get the benefits of usable Medium Chain Fatty Acids into our diets, but in the interest of keeping things more local because, like probably most of your listeners, I don't live in Thailand, what are some other sources of MCFA's that might be more available in a the U.S.? This is sort of an issue with all non-animal fat sources like olives, avocados, almonds, etc., but coconut just seems particularly outside the basic idea of eating local. Also, is coconut the new agave nectar? Meaning, once coconut becomes so in demand, the quality and subsequent alleged health benefit is shot to hell?
Love you- love your show!

8. Question from Ultimate Russell:

Hey Robb and Andy, hope you guys are well. Robb, I saw your blog post about fitness at almost 40 and I think you look great, man. And of course Andy, you're beautiful as ever... Anyway, Robb and Andy, how do you feel about Zero Calorie Energy drinks? I do enjoy one a couple times a week but am a little concerned about artificial sweeteners (I've read a lot of negative things but then I read totally conflicting statements) I figured if I want an answer that jives with my lifestyle you would be the guy to ask. Usually when I have one it's during a long drive home in place of a cup of coffee. I have paid attention to see if I notice any negative effects on myself and as of yet there have been none. So tell me, anything to worry about or is a couple of energy drinks a week okay?

9. Question from Keith Norris Wannabe:

Thoughts on isometric exercise? A worthwhile pursuit?
(general goals of all around strength development) Link to a study abstract: Thanks,
(Patrick) aka, Keith Norris Wantabe

10. Question from Future David:

It's not so much a question, rather, a general "podcast slogan" as I was contemplating T-shirt designs for you guys. Tell me what you think...
6 listeners 5 fries 4 grams of fish oil daily 3 things to avoid: grains, legumes, dairy 2 crazy dudes 1 gato
Keep up the great work, fellas!

11. Question from Deb:

Can eating paleo heal a borderline low functioning thyroid?

12. Question from Alex:

Hi Rob and Andy,
Firstly - fantastic things you are doing, the books, the podcast, the site all great sources of information and I am recommending your content to anyone who notices my new "paleo physique" (most people).
I have hit a bit of a stumbling block though and not sure how to proceed. 3 months ago I was an almost podgy, moderately sedate software developer with a fairly poor diet (by paleo standards at least). I also think I may have been heading for diabetes with an extremely volatile blood glucose levels all day long. The only thing holding me together I think was that I play an elite level of squash 2-3 times a week. I am 29 years old.
A career change in mid Oct 2010 allowed me to work from home and also gives me some more spare time. I started cooking for myself and my wife and research and reading soon led me to Paleo. My wife is not yet convinced but for me the results were astounding, within a few weeks I
had lost pounds of fat and gained pounds of muscle - on the squash court I was performing to a higher level. Generally feeling good and actually felt like training for the sport for the first time in a long time.
I have always wanted to play professional tournaments so in mid Dec 2010 I joined the Professional Squash Association World Tour and will be looking to achieve a significant world ranking this year and hopefully beyond. Where I am now in January 2011 is inconceivable to how I was performing just 3 months ago. I attribute most of these gains to the huge change in my eating habits since reading the The Paleo Solution, and since then, many other books on this fascinating topic.
However, just recently I feel like I have hit a significant road block.
I have trouble sleeping, wake up middle of the night extremely hungry and also needing to take a leak. Energy levels are a bit lower than before. I am tired a lot due to the lack of sleep. I am also for some reason trying to fight off a slight cold as I write this for the first time since going Paleo.
My theory for my road block is that I have reached the point where I can no longer just burn off my (until recently somewhat generous) fat reserves. I have not accompanied this with an increase in caloric intake (I guess I need to but I don't feel like eating that much more during meal times). Eat until satisfied right?
Just from looking I think my body fat is now in the 8-12% range but I have a test booked this week to get more of an idea.
My training looks like this: per week I am doing 2 weights sessions, 2 speed sessions (sprints or jumping rope) and 3 on court practice sessions or matches. A session lasts 30-60 minutes, with some matches or on court sessions lasting slightly longer. My adherence to Paleo is at least 90% (no grains, cereals or legumes but the occasional consumption of dairy in the form of cheese or milk).
Should I be eating more meals, bigger meals, different foods? Any other ideas as to why my energy levels would suddenly drop off? Any help or advice you can give me would be amazing. Please also blind me with science where possible :-)
PS I am English so if you do choose to read this out on the podcast, try and use an English accent for amusement factor ;-)

13. Question from Mike:

Robb and Andy great show. My question today involves Leptin Resistance. I began Paleo just
before Thanksgiving. I know, not the best timing. Made it through the holidays and lost 20 lbs. Since the beginning of the New Year I seemed to have plateaud, only losing 3 lbs. I admit that I have minimally deviated with flour. On no more than 5 occaisions since I started Paleo I have had either bread, a kolache, or something similiar. If you don't know what a Kolache is let me know I'll send you a dozen. You'll be throwing rocks at the Ferris chocolate croissants. Also ala Tim Ferris I did have some beans (black beans or black eyed peas). I am concern that I have over the years of yo-yoing I have become leptin resistant. What do you think? Also how do you overcome leptin resistance. Thanks for your concern and please keep up the great show.

14. Question from Adam:

Hey Robb and Andy, love the book and podcast. Thank you for all you two do. I want to look awesome naked (think Brad Pitt in Fight Club, or a gymnast.) I have a lot of equiptment at home (pull up bars, kettle bells, dumbbells.) I like the idea of P90X for getting ripped, but I think I overtrained when I did it. What type of exercises/frequency would you recommend for someone at home to get jacked. I do care about having functional strength, but I prefer to look good. Sorry I never have had a six pack and I want to by the time I turn 30 in six months.
Thanks a ton guys. Adam
p.s. I got a sunlight for Christmas because the sun can be nowhere to be found in winter in Buffalo. What is your opinion on these?

Show Notes - The Paleo Solution - Episode 66

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