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We're at it again with Episode 425, Q&A #18!

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Show Notes:


1. [1:47] How To Fuel For Overtraining

Patrick says:

Hi Robb,

I have a question for you about how to best balance the three main things in my life; eating, training and working.   I've gotten sick about a million times in 2018, and had some challenges in maintaining a work - training balance. Every time that I feel healthy and ready to kill it, I immediately begin to overtrain - and I know this is a sentiment that many share, especially when the over training symptoms take a little while to build up and express themselves.  My susceptibility to over training is mainly brought on by my work's early start times. I am 30 years old and a Builder and wake at 5:30, have moderately intense exercise over 8-9 hours during the day, an hour commute home and then training (BJJ, gii and no gi. Sometimes I try to fit in some striking) from 6-7:30 or to 8:30 if I feel I can get away with it, however eating late and needing to sleep around 9:30-10pm is really difficult for me.  Metabolism is working too much at night and it affects my body temperature and HRV. I try to delay breakfast until 9am (to achieve 12 hours window) with either a bulletproof or just straight black coffee after wakeup .

I don't have the option of training during the day unfortunately. Some of the over training symptoms I've had have been IBS type, adrenal stress and then the associated depressive mood when in a slump.  Most of this gets fixed up by implementing a 'less is more approach' to training. Also experience some afternoon slumps.

What would be a good strategy to fuel all this activity, fuelling for both energy load during the day and training at night, plus recovery after training.  Also things to note I'm really low body fat, really high percentage muscle, metabolism chews up all my food quick as and can get hypoglycaemic sometimes.

Thanks from Australia!!

Patrick and Georgia!

2. [8:04] Physical Sustainability of BJJ

Kent says:

I'm wondering what the long term implications are of a regular BJJ practice. It's always something I've wanted to explore, but it seems like many folks who have practiced consistently for years have developed joint issues, tears, etc. Is this simply inevitable? What are your thoughts on the long term sustainability? I'm not talking about someone who is wanting to seriously compete, but someone like yourself who enjoys the physical nature of the practice. My apologies in advance if you've already answered this question and I missed it! Thanks for all that you do.

3. [13:12] Vitamin D Lights???

Alli says:

Hi Robb and Nicki... I’ve been a follower of yours for years and I considered myself Paleo BUT I would pick and choose.  This past May I decided to buy in 100% and I purchased your Keto Masterclass which changed my life. I’ve lost 40 pounds but more important is that for the first time in my life I am in control of my food.  Life changing. And now that I’m on a roll I’m trying to implement more positive life changing choices.

My question relates to Vitamin D synthesis in the cold Connecticut fall and winter.  I’m trying to get outside as much as possible but exposing skin just isn’t feasible. I know that sunlight is preferable to supplementing BUT how about those happy  lights? Do they work? Will a $40 one work or do I need the expensive one? Could you recommend one? If they don’t work- what dosage of Vit D should I aim for from a supplement?

Thank you for doing what you do.



4. [19:37] Supplements from China

Gregor says:

I often buy online some supplements bulk - at least 1-2 lbs. This way they are way cheaper. I use magnesium citrate, garlic powder, turmeric powder, collagen any some other. What worries me is that many of then have China as country of origin and we know how devastated environment is in parts of China.

Shall I be worried by Chinese origin? Can magnesium citrate from China be contaminated with something? Shall I choose more expensive stuff, but with other origin (Americas, Europe)?

Thank you in advance for looking into that.


5. [21:10] Protein & Thermal Effect

Drew says:

Does powdered protein (specifically whey, if that makes a difference) have the same thermal/metabolic effect as eating steak/chicken/pork/eggs/etc?

I have listen to every single podcast. Love it all! Thanks for doing everything you do!


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