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1. [1:31] Aced the 7 day challenge like your wife! So why am I doing this???

Erica says:


I LOVED your book Wired to Eat. I'm a 31 year old female. 6ft, at my goal of 160ish lb, 20% body fat. Ive never been heavy, don’t have diabetes in my family. I do have a history of disordered eating - counting/restricting calories and then binge eating until a year ago when I found low carb. I’ve been on thyroid meds for a few months now, possibly because of the calorie restriction. I’ve had high cholesterol all my life and now it’s even higher since starting Keto 2 months ago (total from 274 to 336! HDL ratio went from 3.2 to 4.7!  Triglycerides now 106 (non-fasting), havent had my A1C checked for awhile but it was 5.3 long before keto. going to have my LDLp and fructosamine checked soon.)

Low carb/intermittent fasting has reallly helped me maintain my weight while avoiding trigger foods. I went full Keto 2 months ago because the hunger control intrigued me. It’s gotten MUCH more tolerable, but I still get hunger pangs for breakfast and afternoon snacks daily. But for the first time in my life my very hormonal acne cleared up from keto!

Now, I took the test after 2 months keto and aced it! Every day of the challenge my glucose was similar to your wife's, even the day I ate a doughnut! So my question is... why am I doing this whole low carb thing? I guess no pimples and no trigger foods is a good enough reason; but my question is, are bad carbs even that bad in my case? Maybe my insulin response is a different picture, as my weight seems to come back easily with carbs? But it sure makes resisting cravings difficult now that I know my glucose response will be fine if I have that doughnut and I'll go back to my usual mild ketosis within a few hours if I can manage not to eat again soon after. Any tips? Has your wife changed how she eats now that she knows her blood glucose will be fine with most anything she eats? Thank you so much for your response!


2. [10:10] Beer and blood sugar

Thom says:
Robb and Nicki: Thank you both so much for the work you do to educate the Paleo/Keto community. I have been Paleo for nearly 6 years now and Keto for 2, due to a suggestion given me after having a colectomy and still not feeling good. The results I've experienced are nothing short of miraculous. That has led me to become a huge advocate for the lifestyle and to share it with anyone who will listen. I do heating and air conditioning service, which affords me the opportunity to share it with many people.

My question is this: You have mentioned many times that we should do as many N=1 experiments to see what works for us individually. I have been keeping tabs on my blood sugars, blood pressure, O2 and heart rate levels as well as several clinical blood tests (I don't visit the doctor very often, since all they want to do is shove drugs in me every time I go in). Over the years I've been able to hone in on the majority of foods or lifestyles that make me feel good and the ones that make me feel not-so-good. That said, I wanted to pose a question to you.

I have done this test over and over and am very shocked by the results. If I have a typical dinner with a salad or veggies of some sort and some meat, then pair that with low carb wine or tequila, lime and soda water (both very low carb drinks), my blood sugars will be somewhere between 130 and 180 two hours later. However, if I have beer (typically dark, because I prefer the porters and stouts) and check my blood sugars two hours later, I'm usually below 100 and sometimes as low as 80 or 78. I have tested these variables over and over throughout this past year (yes, I like my drink) and I get the same results. However, I HAVE noticed that the lighter beers, such as ales or lighter IPA's do not keep my blood sugars quite as low.

Do you know of anything that might explain this phenomenon?

I have many more questions I would like to ask you, but I'll leave it at this one for now. Again, thank you both for all you have done and are doing to keep this community going. My son keeps telling me that I should start my own blog and podcast to help spread the word about this lifestyle. When he does I always mention that I have no definable credentials, such as yours, so I'm not convinced anyone would even listen to it. So, instead I point him, and many others, to your podcast and website, along with Jimmy's, Chris's and Mark's. You're all very educational and the cornerstones of this community. Keep up the good work.



3. [15:28] High morning glucose on LCHF diet (95 mg/dl)

Gregor says:
Hi Robb,
I really appreciate what you are doing and I am a great fan of your podcasts (I read transcripts). Anyway, to the point: after I cut off grains, sugar, legumes and so on, my fasting glucose went high. On average it is 95 mg/dl, mostly between 90 and 100 mg/dl.
You mentioned this subject in your 385th podcast with Shawn Baker (one of my favorites podcasts on your site), but I didn't feel it was fully addressed and explained.
I have a graph for about 15 years of measurements here: - around 2010 I turned paleo/lchf.
Recently I have measured my fasting insulin level and it was 4,9 µIU/ml. I have also measured my glucose levels for one typical day and it is very stable, between 90 and 109 - here is the graph: (the orange vertical lines are meals, I eat only twice a day).
I know I am no diabetic. I have no health issues except 2-3 mild autoimmune diseases (the symptoms come and go).
Is my quite high fasting glucose anything to worry about? I have a friend following quite similar diet and life style and his fasting sugar is around 70-75. Does my 95 mg/dl fasting sugar have negative impact on my health, aging speed and so on? Can I do anything about that?

Thanks so much for talking one more time about that.


4. [20:12] paleo approach to skin care

Andrea says:
Robb, do you have any advice about skin care, such as use of any daily moisturizer or other products? I don't use daily sunscreen because I tend to have low Vitamin D levels, but I use it if I'm going to be outside for an extended period of time. I am approaching 40 and only use a bit of jojoba oil as a moisturizer. I wash my face with bar soap (not the antibacterial kind). I'm not sure if my minimalist approach is the way to go. Maybe your wife has some experience with some products for women? Thanks!

Anne marie skin care

Feather eagle sky beauty face oil

***Organic Rose Hip Seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Argan oil


5. [25:51] Weight loss and fat tissue toxin-release

Jarno says:
Hi Robb,

Greetings from Finland!

I love your work, thank you for everything you do!

I really liked your stance on the carnivore diet as you discussed it with Mikhayla Peterson. Let's not become vegan zealots about it. I've been eating 70-80% carnivore for 6 months and feeling mostly great. Mostly because it's not all great. Which brings me to my question. What is your sentiment about the toxin-release from fat tissue during weight loss thingy? Is it real? What the science says at the moment? Have you heard of any connections with joint pain / arthritic pain or nausea with weight loss induced toxin release? I'd love to hear your thoughts about this!

Best regards,




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