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Back with episode 59.  We hope everyone has a happy holiday season!  Be sure not to eat more than five fries.

Show Topics:

  1. PWO Nutrition for Mass Building
  2. Artificial Sweeteners / In Season Veggies / Ketogenic Diets
  3. Transition Time to Paleo / Crossfit Endurance
  4. How Much Post-Workout Carbs
  5. Failure Rate of Paleo Diet
  6. Evander's 5 Fries
  7. Club Soda
  8. Sugar Binge
  9. Lean Gains / Strength for BJJ
  10. Current Supplements / What Supplements if All Meat was Grain-Fed
  11. The Return of Tane

Show Notes - The_Paleo_Solution_Episode_59

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